Are you bleeding all your colours into one?

Today I studied for 30 minutes then got distracted when J rang. After a the phone call, I went shopping and was about to buy the new Franz Ferdinand album but didn't. Damn. Erin, is it good? I went up to Broaders and read magazines and music books.

Anyway I want to buy new clothes. New things make me feel great! But I need to stop spending my money.

Agh. I hate being smacked in the face by someone I really looked up too. Fuck respect! Forgetting everything is not going to help any either of us. That is why I love to hate her as much as I hate to love her. All the bloody same. Enough!

One thing I love is swearing. That's how stumpy I can go...

Tomorrow is school. Tuesday is the first exam. *cringes*

Also it's Amber's birthday on Monday!


With lots of love,

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So I waited all day, what wouldn't I say?

Step 1: Open your MP3 program, MP3 player or whatever.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first 10 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 4: Add what each song makes you think of after you type the list of songs.

01. Every You Every Me - Placebo
02. Tripping - Robbie Williams
03. Fall For You - The Whitlams
04. Eight Days A Week - The Beatles
05. Beautiful Secrets - Sarah Blasko
06. Untitled 1 - Keane
07. Michael - Franz Ferdinand
08. Stella Was A Diver & She Was Always Down - Interpol
09. Talk - Coldplay
10. Enemy - Grinspoon

Makes me think of:
01. Mary.
02. Birds.
03. Gough Whitlam...haha.
04. John, George, Ringo, Paul...
05. Vintage clothing.
06. Tom Chaplin & my wonderful icon.
07. Queer men dancing, one of them called Michael. HAHAHA!!
08. Fluffy and divers.
09. Amber.
10. Phil.

Hehe. That was fun. My head is hurting and spinning again so time to sleep. I have to work tonight. *groans*
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Keep Kicking!

Tonight I went to work. We talked about swearing and funny words. I said 'You fucking queer arse' too loud and some guy looked at me. Hehe. Oops. My friend started giggling so much. That reminds me of the when the time Apple came over to my work to wait for me and we were threwing ice at each other. One of the ice cubes she threw landed in someone's drink. lol. We had to hide then. Hehehe.

Oh, last night I had this awesome dream but it was sad. It had Jake in it, I remember some guy was filming a movie in front of my house and the chruch next to it. Then I had to get away from the police chasing me and I had no idea why. After I was just about to go into my apartment and Jake came with me.
Later we sat on the couch watching Oprah... (HAHA) and he took my hand while sitting there. I remember thinking , 'Fuck, this is so real!' and nearly died. After a while, he looked sad and cried. I was shocked and felt bad and asked him if he was alright. Then he took me to my room and I woke up. All I was thinking was 'Nooooo! Why then?!'. And was disappointed. lol! Oh well, I hope I have another one of those dreams again. *giggles madly*

'Don't laugh! Larf!'

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It's a dirty story of a dirty man...

Today was fun. Went on a panic with some people (sorry, I am too lazy to write the names down but you guys know who you are). Sma, you didn't come!! Anyways we just sat there, ate then threw things at little Asian kids.

Amber - Tell me what you what for your birfsday! lol I'm not too sure what to get you...
I feel like posting these fashion drawings up because they're pwetty! Not by me though, I can't draw of crap.

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Yeah, how long must you wait for it...

Today I studied a bit for English then went shopping to buy Coldplay Live DVD. Yay. They are brilliant live! I love Jonny Buckland. He is the sex bomb. I am in love. *giggles* Too bad he smokes. Chris Martin is pretty hot too. He is geeky & writes things on his hands and tummy. I like that! Oh I'm a sad, sad girl. Hehehe.

Flying horses in the air. Flying pigs, they are so bare. Twirling around until you drop. It's so funny that it's hard to stop. You can see the world in tones. That's when you are alone. The world is full of many bright colours. I won't tell you what colour you are. But you know that you are the most dazzling colour I can see. Ohhh wait for me. Ohhh please, please remember me.

Oh I wonder. What it is like to be thunder. But I know I wouldn't like it. Not one single bit.

I am going crazy studying. Stupid exams... oh can't there be no exams.

Flowers are so pretty. They all smell so lovely. Yes, yes I love flowers. Do you, do you? But it's true, flowers remind me of you!

What am I writing about...someone tell me a story, a poem, a philosophy, a song... anything.
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Love is free, free is love

Today I hanged out home, being bored and studying. I only managed to studying only for History. Oh my gosh, I am going to fail. Seriously. Oh well. Also at work tonight, I saw a really hot lad and he looked very much like George Harrison. I realised he had blue eyes while I was taking order and it surprised me. I forgot what I said and he just smiled. Hehe. I nearly died of embarrassment!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping by meself to buy CDs and DVDs. Yay!! I have some thing to watch. *looks excited*

I want to make a list.

Things I love:
- My friends & family
- Shopping
- Music
- Fashion
- Writing random things from the top of my head...
- Sleeping when it is raining
- The smell of strawberry shampoo & coffee
- Laughing and giggling at anything & everything
- Making my friends laugh to cheer them up
- Eating
- Singing in the shower
- Talking to myself
- Posing in front of the mirror
- Sleeping
- Crying & dancing to music
- Cheer Bear
- Perverting on hot guys
- Swearing heaps
- Being hugged when I need it the most
- When a close friend knows how you feel even when you haven't said one word

Things I don't like:
- Closed-minded people
- Racist gits
- Being teased and laughed at all the bleeding time
- Being ignored or not listened too
- Myself saying stupid things and doing stupid things
- When someone's rude
- Guys who walk past you and say nasty things about you
- Perverted security guards
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I'll be there by your side, just you try and stop me

Today is Teegan's birthday. So my mum, Tanya, Apps, Teegan, Jon, Kirk, Joke, Julie and I went out to the rocks for lunch. I am still so full from eating heaps! After, went to Teegan's to hang around and for Tee to blow out her candles. I brought her a short mini for her birthday because she wanted it. I think she has gone to a party with alcohol and I told her not to drink too much, actually I said try not to drink at all. Later Apps and I went walking around and talked then she had to go home. I love it gives me good advice and uses clever language as much as the 'f' word. I want that talent where I can think of really clever & witty from the top of my head. I can only use violence against people which is bad and daft some times. Well, tomorrow never knows.

Anyway it's really hot! I am melting in my chair. I want to go swimming now even if it is like 9:00pm or something.

On Saturday was tiring but fun! I was in the front row for the whole time with Kaf but then got pushed back because Kaf, some chick and some weird guy were fighting over a free tour shirt. But Kaf got the shirt in the end! Wooo! After the concert, I felt like fainting because I was so hungry and tired. But it was great fun. I did not take my camera because I really could not be bothered or give a hoot. My mum tried to ring me like 9 times. lol

I A T T G U M A T E B S F A P W R M A. I T F I T N T T H H I F B I C N G A T W H. S T B I. I love writing like this. :) I don't know why people do it. Why?!? I don't understand. I K M B I C S F M. I H F A C B I D B I V Y.
Tomorrow I will try to study harder. It's so tough because I can't put my mind on studying these days.

'Let's write a swimming pool!'

Congrats! Your a Rocker Jake Gyllenhaal!

Which Jake Gyllenhaal Are You?
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Little white shadows sparkle and glisten...

Oh my gosh! I am so totally excited (and sound like a teenage...girl)! Erin got tickets for Franz Ferdinand! The first show was sold out and we got the second show, in the bloody front row seats!

*jumps up and down and runs around*

Imagine if I went to see Coldplay, I would twitch so much, jumps heaps, cry and die!!!

I just studied for Geography for like an hour. It was so damn boring. I don't like Geo one bit!

I am excited about tomorrow too!

Amber, I have your money and I'll give it to you some time! XD

My favourite male celebrities-ish: (not in any order)

- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Kett Turton
- Hayden Christensen
- Ewan McGregor
- Chris Martin
- Jonny Buckland
- Dominic Monaghan
- Robert(Bob)Hardy
- Steven Strait
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