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Violent eyes but hands like a steeple & every word's shot down my throat

Today is Friday. I (and probably, lots of other people) didn't have exams today. Wooo! Amber, Liv and myself went to Emiloo's house. We watched about 2 and a half movies and saw some naked guy's butt. Amber took photos as Liv and I were too busy giggling our little girly heads off.

Hehehe. That was fun!

I had to work tonight and there was this really cute guy but too bad that he was queer. Damn. All the good looking & hot guys are always all taken or that they're gay. Grrrr. I'm just too unattractive. Haha.

For your fandoms, list:

1. Characters/people you absolutely worship
2. Characters you like
3. Characters you could take or leave
4. Characters you don't really care for
5. Characters you'd like to spork

1. Jonny, Chris!
2. Jonny, Chris & Guy.
3. Will.
4. None really...
5. No one! They are all so adorable!

Franz Ferdinand:
1. Alex, Bob!
2. Bob, Paul & Alex.
3. Leave - Nick, I don't fancy him that much. Sorry man.
4. Nick...
5. None because they're brilliant!

The OC:
1. Summer.
2. Ryan, Seth and sometimes Marissa.
3. Leave - Luke, Take - Oliver.
4. Luke, Julie, Callum.
5. Callum's daughter who ws Ryan's girlfriend. I don't like her one bit. I forgot her name.

1. Claire, Charlie.
2. Kate, Claire, Charlie, Hurley.
3. Leave - Jack, Boone, Shannon!! Eww.
4. Shannon, Boone the most!!!
5. Shannon, Boone, Jack & Saywer.

1. John & George.
2. John, George, Paul, Stu & Ringo. So ALL OF THEM!
3. Take - John.
4. I love them all!
5. Brian Epstein (their manager...)

LOTR Cast:
1. Dom, Billy!!
2. Liv Tyler, Dom, Billy, Elijah (sometimes), Sean A.
3. Leave - Orlando.
4. Orlando.
5. Orlando!
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