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Meme time!

From the ANON MEME --> community.livejournal.com/memeing/347.html

Come on, flist! Please do this meme since I want to know what you think about me. :)

P.S. WTF SELF? I can't even put up the ANON MEME banner properly. I FAIL AT LIFE.


I was very, very bored and made icons.
Most icons are of models.
They are 26 altogether.
I think I did a pretty awesome job with the old stuff to do it with.


OMFG!! Today Erin, Adele, Jenna and I went to Enmore to see Franz live. It was so fucking brilliant!!! We met so many nice people who were big Franz fans which were awesome. Like Nikki, Jenny,Jess,Laura, Dee and so many more lovely girls who I can't remember.

We went to Enmore at 10am and no one was there except us. Nikki and her friends were there at 12pm so we talked and made friends. We're seeing them on Friday! Anyway we waited until 5pm thinking Franz boys were coming and we could get a chance to see them but didn't. So we went back to line up at the start of the line. Wooo.

First, Cut Copy were the supporting band. They were pretty good. All the songs sounded the same though. lol. They looked hot in those tight pants. *cough*

After, Franz came on. I swear, they took so long to check the stuff. When the lights were dim and they boys were coming on stage, everyone was screaming so much including myself. I was so bloody excited and basically jumped up and down. (Like at the Foos concert but WORSE. Haha). I can't really remember the order the songs were played but it was:

This Boy
This Fire
Walk Away
Eleanor Put Your Boots
Take Me Out
Do You Want To

It's all we can remember right now. Anyway, Erin threw the shirts we made on stage and Alex and Bob came over to look at it but didn't pick it up because they were to busy playing. OMG. Paul was the first Franz to glance directly at me because he was behind Alex and I was in front of Alex. Then it was Alex, Bob and Nick. They all looked at us because we were doing funny dancing especially Nikki. They even mentioned us on stage. It was so fucking cool.

They played really well. I loved Outsiders, Michael, This Fire and This Boy. Alex was such a stage whore and teased us lots!! Nick and Alex's guitars had lots of guitar sex! Hahahahaha. After the end of the encore, he came over to the front of the stage, playing and reaching down. He came off stage and Nikki put her arms around Alex and kissed him on the cheek. Lucky girl. But we all got to touch him. I got to touch his hair and neck a few times which sounds kinky but briliant!!!! I will never wash my hands ever again! XP

At the end, we stayed until 12 and thought of going home but we wanted to wait until the van left. We saw this figure half runing and half walking up to us but we thought it was one of the roadies. But it was actually Alex and everyone fell silent when we realised it was actually him. We started shaking hands and talking to him. Taking photos and got autographs. There were like 25 people maybe but it was a lot for one poor Alex.

The van that Alex was supposed to go home in came up to where we were and inside was Paul, Esther, Andy, Bob and other randoms. I don't know where Nick went. But yeah, Andy and Bob got out to sign autographs. Bob was a little awkward to us bt maybe it was because they didn't have time.

OMG!!! I got Cut Copy's set list. Also I got to hug Alex, touched his hair, got his autograph, his photo and shook Bob's hand. He had a short convo with Erin and it went like this:

Erin: We were the ones that threw the shirts on stage.
Alex: Oh, the Do You Want To ones?
Erin: Yeah.
Alex: They were really, really cool. *smiles*
Erin and Farah: *dies*

Anyway I better go. We're very tired and don't want to miss the boys tomorrow morning on the forum.

NOTE: Watch Sunrise on Friday at 7:50am. There's a surprise. Trust us. *touches nose*
P.S. Will post PICTURES later. XD

Felt the word and melt upon it

I'll just be like everyone else and lock my lj now. I'm sorry Apps & J that you can't read it now.
I don't like random people reading what I write.

By merenwen_ruby. Love, love.

If you want to be added, please comment. Ta.
Tonight work was pretty good. I saw this really damn good looking guy. He was rich, seemed smart and was HOT! I nearly died everytime I looked at him while serving him. Chris & Teegan was saying how I should ask for his number but I was a 'chicken shit' & to freaked out to ask him. *sigh*

I shall delete useless entries in my lj because it's annoying me that I write so much crap in here. I write too much.

Anyway I'm so damn bored...

Stolen from EmilyCollapse )
Today I was to the Granny Smith Festival. Saw Kaf, Erin, Xiner, Jo, Belinda and their other guys friends there. I went on this ride and felt like head was going to fall off. Hehe. After we walked around, looked at some band playing. Then later went back to Epping and Amber & I were taking random photos on the station. Sorry Kaf, for leaving you. I couldn't find you!

10 Things QuizCollapse )
Today is Friday. I (and probably, lots of other people) didn't have exams today. Wooo! Amber, Liv and myself went to Emiloo's house. We watched about 2 and a half movies and saw some naked guy's butt. Amber took photos as Liv and I were too busy giggling our little girly heads off.

Hehehe. That was fun!

I had to work tonight and there was this really cute guy but too bad that he was queer. Damn. All the good looking & hot guys are always all taken or that they're gay. Grrrr. I'm just too unattractive. Haha.

Random Fandom ThingCollapse )
I can't put my mind on studying of Maths. It's gone for the night which means I won't do well tomorrow. Possibly fail. Oh well. I don't care.

Look what I have found...

generated by sloganizer.net

I just typed in my name because I couldn't think of anything else. Plus darlings, it moves. The writing changes.

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Help! Ich! Headphone!

Today was alright. English was alright. I was surprised that I didn't forget any points.
After, Fariha told me that her friend wanted the tickets so yeah, it means I can't go. I knew I shouldn't have gotten excited. Now that's a drag & I am very disappointed.
Funny enough, it made me not care any less about my Science exam. Haha, I'm very sad now. I'll never get to see them in a day of my life!

Oh well. Tomorrow is maths. Man, I really have to study for that one, remember my formulas and all. But I really don't want to study. Let hope I just kind of pass, at least a little anyway.

You know, I really have nothing to write about but I still write. Yes, yes, yes.

La la de la la! La la de na na! Ohhhhh can you understand me? Ohhhhh you can't.

La la de la la! La la de na na! Ohhhhh you're too good. Ohhhh you still can't understand me.

You're all pizza and fairytales!

Today was alright. Oh gosh, the exams were nerve wracking. I nearly totally blanked for History but I did alright, I think.

After I went to the city with Fluffs and we had lunch and looked around at CDs. I brought the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack. It's really good! Like fab! lol

I came back and was watching A Hard Day's Night. It's hilarous! The guys were really cute when they were all younger and Beatles-ish with the haircut, charm and everything.

Hmm...I don't really have anything else to say...but I have to study for English AND Science. Hmpf. Not my fave subjects. But Japanese is worse. Oh holy moly.